Technical gas granular sulphur


Sulfur along with oil, coal, table salt and limestone refers to the five main types of chemical raw materials and is of strategic importance for the population food providing, because in addition to the nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium, it is an essential nutrient mineral element for plants, and source of soil fertility and increasing crop yields.

According to various sources about 50% of granulated sulfur use is necessary for the production of sulfuric acid, about 20-25% is used for the production of a variety of sulfites, and 15% for agriculture as a raw material for the production of pesticides. About 10% of output is used in the rubber vulcanization.

The granulated sulfur is also used in the fields of artificial fibers, phosphors, pigments, dyes, in the matches’ production, medical forms.

In general, sulfuric global industry can be divided into two sectors according to the forms of sulfur production: specialized and "side". Specialized sector focuses exclusively on the production of sulfur from deposits and is not more than 10.5% of the global sulfur production volume. But sulfur recovery while oil, natural gas and coke production is a byproduct and is 89.5%.

Granular sulfur becomes the most popular of all forms of sulfur commodities. Among its advantages - flowability, convenience and safety during storage and transport (any mode of transport), low losses, improvement of sanitary and hygienic working conditions while production. Technological granulation methods varying (air, in a fluidized bed, water) allows to adjust the sizes (from 0.5 to 6 mm) and granule form (grains, pellets, capsules, balls and others.). Sulfur of grade 9998 (in fact, purity 99.99) allows you to use the product in technology, demanding high quality materials in the manufacturing process, reduce costs and increase the production of finished products.

Order, delivery, payment

Technical gas granular sulfur of grade 9998 GOST 127.1-93 can be shipped to any sea port or rail terminal at the buyer's request. Sulphur is transported through the territory of Russia and exported through its land borders in open wagons in bulk and packed in big bags FIBC 750-1500kg weight and in bags of 25-50kg. Transportation for export is also carried by sea in bulk vessel (3000-5000 mt) and in containers (300-5000 mt), it can be loaded without packing or packed in polypropylene FIBC (big bags), weighing 750-1500 kg. Transportation for export through the Russian river ports is made by bulk vessels 3000-5000 tons.

Payment terms: prepayment or L/C

Shipment terms: no later than 60 calendar days after receipt of payment or L/C.